The Bears get a new Bear House

It’s Sunday morning and I’m procrastinating my writing. I have a big online assignment due for my children’s book writing course and a phone interview to work on a 1,200 word story I’ll be reading at a showcase in two weeks. But I am here, writing in the outlet that first brought my love for writing back to me.

Things are moving pretty quickly in the Bear House. I went out of town and when I came back, the Bear’s were proud owners of a new house. The house, boy is it gorgeous. Little Bear finally gets his own room (which isn’t the dining room) the boys have a real playroom (instead of the formal living room) and Mama and Papa Bear won’t have a Jack and Jill bathroom connected to Big Bear’s room.

The house now is overflowing with toys and crafts. Since LB doesn’t have a proper room, his toys and clothes overflows into the rest of the house. I think the new house will bring a little peace and calm to a house that is chaotic and loud. But wait, aren’t all houses chaotic and loud?

I went to visit the new Bear House this week after Big Bear got home from school. Besides the stairs to the second floor that could quite possibly be a deathtrap, I couldn’t find anything wrong with the house. Except maybe the missing nanny wing? I’ll wait patiently for that addition.

I am so happy for the new house, especially since it’s close to the Grove, but I will deeply miss the old one. Mainly for it’s location. It’s still in Coral Gables, but isn’t walking distance to the our favorite places, the Coral Gables Library and the Coral Gables Youth Center.

Over the past two years, I have discovered a safe and shaded walking route that’s two miles in length. Little Bear and I walk it most days. I have our favorite houses picked out, many photos of them saved on my camera roll and even hung up on my vision board. I’ve gotten used to our routines and my little Day-Life. I think I am taking the move hard.

I am not the only one in that house who doesn’t like change. Big Bear doesn’t either. He didn’t like changing school’s last August and he didn’t like when his brother was born. So to me, it’s only natural that he doesn’t like the new house.

When we went to visit the new house, BB wanted to show me the new swing set and the new fish tank (the pool) and nothing else. When I told him that dad and grandma needed to show me the rest of the house, he started freaking out and said no.

I finally got him to talk to me. I asked him if he was going to miss his old house and he said yes. He said that he doesn’t want a new house, that he loves the old one. We talked about all the fun memories we created in the old house. All the forts that we built, all the Friday night dance parties we had. Then I told him that the house just wasn’t big enough for his family anymore. I asked him if LB deserves his own bedroom and he said yes. The more we talked about the move, how even though it was a new house it would have all of his toys and his family, the more he warmed up. He continued with his meltdown, but I think he began to realize that the move can be fun and even an adventure.

I realize that life is about moving forward and new experiences and that when you have a family, things are constantly changing. Your family is constantly growing, needing more space. Sometimes you grow out of houses, somethings you grow out of neighborhoods. But I guess that’s the fun of having a family. Big moves and new adventures aren’t scary because you have each other.

The Bear’s are beginning to move things over to the new house but the official move won’t take place until Thursday. Every time I start to think about missing the old house, I think about all the times the UPS guy has woken up a sleeping Little Bear by banging on the front door or how the housekeeping has woken him by pulling out the trash and recycling from their bins in the kitchen.

It’s our last week in the Bear House. I will be sure to take pictures of all the houses in the neighborhood that I’ve neglected to document, pick up my last books on hold at the library and take LB to the park by the Coral Gables Youth Center where he’ll see his girlfriend Lu.

Amazing memories happened in the old house. BB was born a month after they moved into the house. They brought LB home from the hospital to that house. But I think even more memories are going to happen in the new house. BB will learn how to read in that house and LB will be potty trained there. They will grow from little boys to children to teenagers in that house. Most of their memories will take place there. If that isn’t special than I don’t know what is.



5 thoughts on “The Bears get a new Bear House

  1. Gloria says:

    As usual Rachel, you have painted us a great picture of your life with BB and LB and the Daddy and Moma Bears. Your ability to talk with BB and help him see how the new house will be better and an adventure was very sensitive. I am so excited to hear you are taking a writing course for doing children’s books. You could have a rich, voluminous series based on your two bears.
    I admire you so much for following your dreams. I love you.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Rebecca says:

    Life is always changing, and watching children grow reminds us of this. You captured that well. Every day is a new adventure.


  3. Poppy & Grandma Groff says:

    Dear Rachel,

    Another very interesting & well written account at the Bear House. Grandma & I are still recovering from your visit. What a great honor for us to have you spend some of your vacation with the old folks. Grandma continues to improve daily. Tomorrow we have a farewell luncheon for our friend Jane Bradley who leaves Wednesday with her two dogs for her Summer home in the mountains of Western N C.


    Poppy & Grandma

    Liked by 1 person

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