Spooky Science

It’s that time of year again, the official start to fall! I may be a Miamian, but nothing excites me more than to start watching my Halloween classics on Oct 1st and to watch the fall leaves change, even if they are changing only onscreen.

We were barely into the first week of October by the time that Big Bear had the entire lyrics to Monster Mash, Ghostbusters and Casper the Friendly Ghost memorized. He first confused “Graveyard Smash” with ” Great Big Bash,” an oversight on a three-year-old that I didn’t feel I needed to correct. Big Bear is going as a train for Halloween, Little Bear a superhero. When asked what Rach should be for Halloween he repeatedly mentioned a “witch ghost” and I applaud his originality.

In the last week, I’ve watched the Bear Bros on a Sunday and a Saturday, which is typically out of the norm. Last Sunday I thought it would be fun to bring out a piece of blank paper from the easel, which was over 8-feet tall, and put it out on the patio for the boys to paint. It didn’t take long before I had to take their shirts and pants off because they weren’t conscious at all about not painting their apparel or the limestone patio. I saw Papa Bear pressure cleaning the paint off the patio two days later, sorry dad! Thank the universe for hoses and kids water tables. After the boys got bored of playing Picasso and van Gogh, which surprisingly took over an hour, I hose them down as they splashed in the water table. After 20 minutes at the water table, I saw LB shivering while his lips turned a light shade of blue (but he was having so much fun!) and we decided to enjoy a warm bath while listening to Mickey’s Monster Mash, of course.

The rest of our week consisted of saying hi to all the spooky Halloween decorations in the neighborhood and watching “Mickey’s Monster Musical” every single evening while we ate “mama’s pasta.” This Saturday I had the boys to myself, after getting them to swimming and dried off with the help of grandma and grandpa bear. We had plans to go to the zoo but the weather was iffy. “All the animals are asleep,” Big Bear said, so the three Mouseketeers headed to the Miami Children’s Museum on Miami Beach. I’ve never taken the Bears there on a Saturday, and I was almost instantly overwhelmed. Not only was the museum packed, but it had a haunted house and trick-or-treat stations. Since we know the layout of that museum like the back of our hands, we started from the top where the crowd was less dense and worked our way down. Once we got into the groove it was easier to navigate the massive double stroller through the large crowd.

We hit up the haunted house (BB was so brave!) and attended a “Spooky Science” class. It wasn’t until we were packing up and having our final milk (Almond for BB, whole milk for LB) that we realized BB’s most prized possession was missing. Blue Bunny is Big Bear’s security blanket and most definitely his best friend. After everyone realized how special and important Blue Bunny was to BB, his family bought him a spare. After LB was born, his mom bought two more, in fear that we would lose one or two. It didn’t matter to BB that there are three more Blue Bunnies at home, he wanted the bunny that was lost among the crowd at the children’s museum. After searching the two-story building and retracing our steps, the Bear Bros and their nanny began to grow anxious. Our new best friend, the head of security, wasn’t much help. As we were beginning to accept defeat we found the missing member of our group on the floor in of the Sea and Me room. I gave the bunny back to an elated BB, even though it gave me anxiety because I could only imagine all the germs crawling over that bunny.

We had barely made it back onto I-95 by the time BB passed out in his car seat. LB took a little more effort but was asleep by the time we got home. Good thing LB is such a good sport because BB dominates the show. At the museum, he leads the way to each exhibit and expressed where he wanted to go next. The only time LB got upset was when I had to pull him away from the Thomas the Train exhibit because BB wanted to go trick-or-treating. Luckily but he was easy to sooth with a raspberry kiss to the belly and a cold McDonald’s french fry. Second siblings (and third, etc) and just more go-with-the-flow because they have to be. Each dynamic of the family is different, and I’m finally seeing how they all pan out. From BB being an only child to adjust to having a cute baby brother. Children just deal and adapt (unless they are a psycho childlike on SVU) and it’s fascinating to watch.

The Bear Bros slept maybe another 20 minutes when we got back to the house. This gave the nanny enough time to fold some laundry and reply to unanswered texts. BB woke up frantically needing to use the potty. Great job for not peeing on the couch, kid! The rest of the evening was spent cooking the boys’ mama’s pasta and cleaning sticky fingers. We had the house to ourselves and we were a little family, the three Mouseketeers! At six I handed the boys off to grandma and grandpa and I went home. I ate ramen and watched the first two Halloween movies. I thought about meeting some friends at the bars around the corner from my apartment, but not even the close proximity to my home got me to leave my bed. One friend kept calling me a grandma, which I’m not. I just know what I want and what makes me happy, and spending the day at the children’s museum with my pretend sons and having Big Bear declare that today was “the best Saturday, ever!” was exactly how I want to spend it.

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