Little Bear is a Walker

While most of Florida, Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina are worried about Hurricane Matthew, I’m worried about Hurricane Little Bear.

Early last week, after a few days of taking a few steps and declaring that walking wasn’t going to happen, LB finally decided that walking was finally going to happen, at 13 months. I was in the playroom (the formal living room that is missing all the essentials of calling itself the formal living room) with the Bear Bros when it happened. LB decided to head for the tv room- on foot. Just like when he started crawling, the first real walk came out of nowhere. I was used to him taking a step or two and falling to the ground. I was not used to him walking across the entire room. I didn’t manage to get the first real walk on video but I did get the second and third (and probably fourth and fifth) and was able to text the videos to the rest of the family (both theirs and mine).

The best part about LB starting to walk is having Big Bear say, “I taught him how to walk!” Older siblings can always tell when their baby sibling does something big. The rest of the family gives their attention (even if its just momentarily) to the younger sibling, as the older one looks on confused. When BB told me that he taught LB how to walk I told him that he did and that he did a great job teaching him. BB now likes to hold hands with LB and walk him around the house, even as LB struggles to keep up.

LB might officially be a walker, but I still consider him a crawler. He is definitely scarer when he crawls than when he walks. When LB walks, he’s slow and wobbly. He greatly resembles a walker from the Walking Dead, Frankenstine or a drunk, old man. When he stops walking and drops to a crawl, that’s when you know that you’re in for some trouble. He’s either planning to crawl to the bathroom to get his two favorite bath toys (toilet paper and the toilet bowl cleaner) or he’s crawling to the dog’s water bowl. Either one is terrifying.

Hurrican Little Bear may already be at the Bear House but Hurricane Matthew is getting dangerously close to Florida. I’ve helped the Bears prepare by getting all the boys’ laundry done and making sure there are enough clean bottles and diapers. Daddy Bear went to pick up Big Bear from school, his last day of school for the week, and Little Bear is taking his post-Gymboree nap. The nanny is spending this time obsessively watching the Weather Channel and making a mental list of the supplies I’ll need during the storm (cash, can goods, snacks, water, wine) and is wondering how she’ll keep BB from waking LB up from his nap. The second BB comes home and LB is still sleeping he wakes up. It’s like he knows his big brother is home!

Today could mark the end of my work week (depending on the Hurricane) or it could be another typical Wednesday in Miami with some sunshine and some rain. I guess only Mother Nature (and the questionable meteorologist on tv) knows.


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