Bionic Baby 

I can’t tell if I am having a strange day or a strange week. It’s just one of those days.

Little Bear, now referred to as the bionic baby for the picc line dangling from his chest, is a miracle baby. It’s been exactly a week since his first surgery, four days since his second, and he is back to crawling around the house and climbing all over his nanny. He is also back to his two-mile morning walks around Coral Gables and his morning stretches- something that this nanny has greatest missed.

I’m not going to lie, I kind of enjoyed going back to having one kid again. People aren’t lying when they say that having a second child completely changes your world. When I  first started working for the Bears, LBs mom was barely in her first trimester with him. It was just me and Big Bear- the troublesome trucks. He would go to school from 9-12 then nap from 2-6. We’re talking about basically two hour work days, which included lunch and bath time. Then LB came along last August. No more mornings spending flipping between MSNBC and reruns of Will & Grace. But things with LB hasn’t been so bad (although he is refusing to nap for me today and is currently tugging at my iPad). I got a pay raise, and I got a pretend baby. Not to be conceded, but he’s one of the sweetest babies ever I’ve ever seen. He is also definitely one of the cutest.

I feel that I need to give Big Beal some credit as well. For a kid who doesn’t handle change well, he managed to not find himself in the arms of an adoptive family. He went to school every day and napped. He took baths and ate lunches. He did have a few strange temper tantrum here and there, but how could he not when his mother and baby brother suddenly vanish from this world?

It’s Friday and things are going back to normal. I’m back to my 12 hours of sleep (okay, last night was 10 ½ hours), morning walks with Little Bear and hopefully snuggles before Big Bears nap.

I am looking forward to spending the rest of the day with my boys but I am also counting down the hours until I get a full weekend of me time.

Oh, the perks of being a paid stay-at-home mom.

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