“Little Bear has a Boo-boo”

How do you explain to a three-year-old their teeny-tiny 8-month-old brother is in the hospital? How do you tell him that he had to have surgery to drain pus from his hip? How do you tell anyone this without falling apart?

Last week I wrote about LB’s doctor’s appointment. What I didn’t tell you was that the orthoptic doctor rushed LB and his mom to the hospital for some tests. He either had a fracture in his leg or he had an infection- either one requiring an MRI.

How do you give an 8-month-old an MRI? By knocking him out. His mom called me and gave me the news as calm as a cucumber. That woman has the highest emotional intelligence. After a few hours of waiting and a sonogram (no MRI, thankfully) they scheduled LB’s surgery for the following morning. How was BB? Surprisingly okay. His mom stayed at the hospital with the baby and the dad came home at nights to stay with BB. Grandma Bear would bounce between the two.

The surgery went well and we got to see LB two days after he was admitted. I went alone the first time, when BB was at school and saw my baby in a hospital bed/crib. The second  I said “Hi little bear,” I got the biggest smile I think I’ve ever seen from him. His mom said I could pick him up, ever so gently, and I held him in my arms. I sang to him I gave him a million kisses, and he giggled right along with me.

After school, I brought BB to see his mom and his little bro, neither of whom he had seen in two days. After a few hours, I took BB home. He fell asleep within minutes of leaving the hospital, and this nanny went back to the house to try and create some normalcy (laundry, dishes, picking up toys).

LB was scheduled to stay in the hospital at least until Tuesday. I volunteered to help over the weekend if they needed me. So that’s what I did. I watched BB a full two hours (he fell asleep during playtime) and I went back to my apartment, trying to adjust back into the life of a single, 27-year-old and not a married mother with two children.

Tomorrow is Monday and is the start of what I am sure will be another challenging week. It’s amazing how much love and affection I have for two little boys that aren’t even my own. I can’t wait (alright obviously I can) until I get that feeling with my own kids.



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