Hump Day Heaven

This nanny is enjoying a quiet morning without the Bears. BB is at school (without any reluctance today) and LB is at the doctor with his mother. While this might be a good time for a mid-morning nap, this nanny is writing. She just can’t stop! After submitting stories to two online magazines (with one acceptance and another “eh, only if you make major revisions”) this nanny is getting published! And she’s damn tired in the process, but man does it feel good!

Thinking about what it took to write this article (about six months, 4o sheets of computer paper, half a cartilage of ink) I honestly don’t know why I didn’t do it sooner. Maybe it’s because I work 10 hour days and am exhausted when I come home? That’s something the old, lazy Rachel would any. But not anymore!

Cheesy as it sounds, and I know I’ve mentioned it before, but I really do believe that the universe brings things to your life when you are ready for them. Maybe now that I’m writing again the universe is ready for me to get my name back into some bylines. Maybe my writing career is finally starting to fall into place.
It’s mid-April and BB only has a few more weeks left of pre-school before he steps foot into the world of Miami prep schools (please keep him in your thoughts) starting with summer camp. BB will be at school until 2:30 every day which will leave just me and the baby. I’m hoping we’ll spend our days taking morning walks throughout the Gables followed by a nap (for him) and writing (well for me, obviously).

I’m not sure how much longer I have until LB and Mama Bear get back from the doctors and I want to get as much editing done for my new article. What’s it about, you ask? What I know best, raising babies and having a sense of humor.

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