They Say It’s Your Birthday

LB turns 7 months old tomorrow. I turn 27. What a huge age difference the two of us have, but we share many of the same hobbies. Naps, for starters. Listening to the Beatles and Beach House when we’re cranky. Going on long walks throughout the neighborhood and morning yoga stretches.

How will we spend our birthdays? For starters, morning glass at Gymboree. I’m sure we’ll grab a coffee and a milk after, and sit by the fountain at Merrick Park to reflect on our day, on getting older.

BB is at school (with only a little reluctance today) and LB is an hour into his morning nap. For a child who spent the first five months of his life refusing to nap, he finally has the leisure down. What about the nanny? After picking up scattered toys and putting them away, changing baby sheets and doing laundry, loading and unloading the dishwasher, I am relaxing before the chaos. I straightened my hair (since working ten hour days kind of limits the amount of time you have to groom yourself) and finished a documentary about the lost city of Atlantis.

That’s it, that’s what’s going on the eve of my 27th birthday. See you tomorrow, 27 club!

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