“…I have my Big Bear and my Little Bear”

I am the proud pretend mama to two little boys- Big Bear and Little Bear. Ages three (as of next month) and six months, my days consist of laughter, cozy cuddles, tantrums, and tears, and end with the eldest singing “So Long, Farewell” from the Sound of Music as I rush out the door.

Known to my friends as a “paid stay-at-home mom,” I consider myself a writer. When I meet people and they ask me what do I do, I say that I am a writer. When they ask me what I write I tell them that I freelance (does writing articles and not submitting them count?) but that I support myself as a nanny. This usually raises a few eyebrows. A nanny, they ask? Looking me up and down. They either think it’s absurd to have a white, 26-year-old nanny in Miami, or they think I am a Lifetime vixen who is out to steal the husband and murder the wife. I’d like to think that I fall somewhere in the middle.

Maybe it’s not accurate to call myself a writer since I haven’t been published in the three years since I left my $400 weekly paychecks as a business newspaper reporter, but I haven’t stopped writing. I’ve doodled in journals, abandoned a manuscript loosely based on my career as a reporter, and have attempted two blogs and potential children’s books.
Although I did all of this writing I never wrote about my consumingly joyful (yet often exhausting) job. It’s kind of ridiculous I hadn’t thought of this blog sooner. Over the past year working for the Bears, we took a vacation to the Bahamas to attend a Bar Mitzvah, I have been mistaken for their mother more times than I can count, and have taken the boys all over Miami, without any concern for either parent.

It wasn’t until I was on the phone with a friend recently, recounting some of my favorite nanny stories, that I realized that my life as a pretend mom is quite entertaining: changing dirty diapers in the back of my jeep, ordering a bagel at Starbucks and having the toddler eat the entire thing. But the dozen of sticky kisses and “I love you, Rachel” make the long hours worth the job and now my new blog.

Here it is! Day-Mom (coined by the boys’ real mom) is the tales of Big Bear and Little Bear, pseudonyms based on the eldest’s favorite book, “Big Bear’s Little Boat” by Eve Bunting. On the rare occasion that both boys are napping at the same time, like now, I will document our life.

In the words of Big Bear: “Ready set, you bet!”

1 thought on ““…I have my Big Bear and my Little Bear””

  1. My Darling Rachel. It is so great to watch you maturing and getting to know yourself. Doing what you are doing with BB and LB is a PHD in life education. I am so proud of you.
    Hopefully, we will get to have lunch and go shopping again sometime. I think you should turn this experience into childrens’ books. Keep your sense of humor and take your vitamins.
    Remember I love you. Aunt Gloria

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