Day-Mom (coined by the boys’ real mom) is the story of Rachel, a 28-year-old nanny navigating her hometown of Miami while helping to raise Big Bear and Little Bear, pseudonyms based on the eldest’s favorite book, “Big Bear’s Little Boat” by Eve Bunting.

Day-Mom started as a blog about a reporter who takes a leave from journalism and lands a temporary gig as a nanny. She created the blog, so Rachel could keep calling herself a reporter. But blogs are supposed to be personal, and for a long time Day-Mom read like a news story; Big Bear and Little Bear weren’t her boys, they were her beat.

But in the year and a half that she’s been blogging, the tone of the blog has changed. Day-Mom is no longer about a reporter on a break from journalism, working temporarily as a nanny. Now, it’s about a full-time nanny who moonlights as a writer. She writes about milestones and academic accomplishments with maternal pride. Rachel has become a real Day-Mom.